5 Of The Most Beautiful Spanish Speaking Countries

3549241308_e67197ced4_bSpanish is the official language in 20 countries and is the second most spoken language across the world. Here are 5 Spanish speaking countries that will make you wish you spoke the lingo - that is, if they don’t leave you speechless! Argentina is the second largest country in South America and offers an array of breath taking sights. Home to many natural world wonders, it is easy to see why Argentina is one of the most beautiful Spanish speaking countries. Take for example, the Iguazu Falls, a waterfall like no other! Known as “Cataratas”, the Iguazu Falls are actually a mile long series of different waterfalls, located on the boarder of Argentina and Brazil. The Iguazu Falls is set in a dense jungle which is also home to various birds and butterflies.

Relax on a Turkish Gulet Cruise

Relax on a gulet cruise in turkeyA Turkish gulet trip is a cruise undertaken on a special type of sailing vessel. Traditionally used by fishermen and sponge divers to transport their hoard, the gulet today has gained popularity as a leisure vessel. They are made of wood and have a raised bow, flat stern and roomy hull. These vessels are fitted out with all kinds of luxury trappings, including well equipped cabins for the passengers. The Mediterranean has long been the place for most Europeans to take a leisurely vacation. Combining it with a cruise in a traditional wooden gulet has gained popularity. It is a great opportunity for visitors to Turkey to enjoy themselves in a lazy, relaxed ride over the water than to worry about negotiating the crowd and the heat that would be the inevitable result of travelling by bus.

The Six Cheapest Credit Cards for Overseas Travel

credit-cards-foreign-exchangeIf you have ever used your card abroad in the past then it's likely that you've been caught out by the additional charges that are added when you shop overseas or withdraw foreign currency. Until 2014, UK banks were not obliged to tell you about these charges unless you asked - meaning you might not have even realised that you were being charged - however they now have to break these charges down on your statement so that you can see exactly what you have been charged for. The best cards currently on the market for spending overseas are listed below. If you're a frequent traveller, you might want to consider applying for one of these cards, to take with you when you are leaving the country.